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Kirkland Real Estate Sales Are Still Going Strong

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Kirkland Home Sales

Kirkland Real Estate Through August, 2012

Kirkland real estate sales were still strong in August, a good sign for those who are selling a home in Kirkland.  There were only a handful more homes for sale in August than in July, plus there were a few more sales.  If you look at the red line in the chart above, you’ll see the homes sales that are pending.  Pending sales are those that recently sold and have not closed yet.  The pending sales were higher in August than in July.   Looking at the numbers for last year, home sales have jumped up from 52 to 74 homes, increasing by 31%.

It’s easy to see from the chart above  that the number of homes for sale through 2012 has stayed on the low side and is gradually creeping up.  In August of 2011, there were over 100 more homes for sale.  This August, there were 182 homes for sale, inching up from the low of 132 available homes in April.

Homes are selling at a much faster pace.  This past August, homes sold, on average in 48 days, in less than 2 months time.  Last year it took just over 3 months for a home to sell.
It’s exciting to see how this year has played out.  Most of the offers we’ve had on our listings have been truly great offers because the buyers recognize the homes that stand out.  Many have sold after having received multiple offers.  The real estate market in Kirkland is doing  great!


How Strong Was the Kirkland, WA Real Estate Market in September, 2011?

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House Sales Data for Kirkland WA

Kirkland, WA Real Estate Sales Through September, 2011

The number of homes for sale in Kirkland continues to be fairly constant, although the number dropped a bit this past month.  I expect to see this number drop even more as we head to the end of the year.  (Hard to believe, but we are almost there!)

In September, 21% or 57 homes in Kirkland sold.

Homes on average were on the market for 87 days.

As we’ve seen most months, there were several home sales that did not stay together.   When I first reported the August home sales,  62 homes had sold.  Eight home sales failed, leaving 54 home sales intact in August.  This means 13% of the offers did not go through.   Sales can fall apart over the inspection, financing or simply because a buyer has cold feet.

Kirkland is one of the faster places for selling a home on the eastside. This is a testament to the city’s prime location close to jobs here in Kirkland with Google in the Houghton neighborhood of Kirkland.  Microsoft, is just down the road in Redmond, which is an easy commute for many people coming from Kirkland.

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Closeup of a stone sign bearing the Microsoft ...

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The variety of housing stock and price ranges bring a huge mix of people to Kirkland. Plus, the ambiance of the city, with its access to Lake Washington, is a big draw for many people.

View from Carillon Point, Kirkland, Washington.

Image via Wikipediapeople.

How are real estate sales in your neighborhood?  Are they stronger than last year?

Kirkland WA Highlands 112th Entrance is Looking Good!

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Thanks to all the Kirkland Highlands neighbors who pulled weeds and spread bark at the Higlands 112th Ave NE entrance.  Thanks for all your hard work.  Looking good!

Fresh spring planting in Kirkland WA Highlands

Kirkland Washington's Highlands neighborhood entrance plantings

Kirkland WA Highlands entrance sign

Kirkland Washington's Highlands entrance on 112th Ave NE

Green Kirkland Partnership and Kirkland’s Earth Day Event

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Juanita Bay Park-Kirklands's Earth Day Event

Did you know there are 372 acres of natural undeveloped areas in Kirkland? I found this out when I met with Sharon Rodman, who is Kirkland’s education and environmental outreach specialist.  Sharon is one of the leaders in the Green Kirkland Partnership and has organized  many of the past events at Cotton Hill and Watershed Parks, among others.

The Green Kirkland Partnership is helping to reforest much of these undeveloped acres with native plantings. This year’s Earth Day event, which is part of this program, will be at Juanita Bay Park, and there’s a lot of work to be done. Besides pushing a wheelbarrows or planting trees, the Green Kirkland Partnership needs volunteers for all kinds of things.  So dust off your volunteering skills and help at Earth Day on April 25th or at many of the other events throughout the year. You can get down in the dirt and plant, rake, and haul stuff off or:

  • Bring snacks or drinks.
  • Register people who attend the events
  • Assist with advertising efforts
  • Write articles about the events.
  • Put posters up advertising the events
  • Photograph events
  • Create a scrapbook of an event
  • Secure business sponsorships of events
  • General administrative work

These programs can only be a success if people volunteer. You can contact Sharon Rodman for more information or to volunteer your services at:

Weekly Real Estate Buzz in the Kirkland Highlands Through April 9th, 2009

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The real estate statistics below reflect the real estate activity in The Kirkland Highlands for the past week and all data is taken from the NWMLS through Thursday morning each week.

The map shows most of the outline of Kirkland’s Highlands neighborhood. The map address is simply for a street corner in the middle of the Kirkland Highlands. For those not familiar with the neighborhood, it’s a pocket of unique homes close to downtown Kirkland. In some ways it feels like an island, because it’s separated on the east by 405, the south by Central Way (the main route to downtown) and the west and north by the BNSF railroad tracks. The neighborhood has the best of both worlds, a little isolation without any through traffic, but just seconds from everything.

Active Listings: 26 (26)

New listings: 1 (0)

Re-listed properties:  0 (0)

Pending inspection: 0 (1)

Pending: 0 (0)

Closed Sales: 0 (1)

Contingent sale: 0 (0)

Number of Price Reductions: 4 (2)

Canceled listings 1 (0)

Expired Listings: 0 (1)

Temporarily Off Market: 0 (0)

Price increase: 0(0)

Back on market: 0 (0)

Rented: 0 (0)

Sale Fail: 0 (0)


0-$349,999: 2 (2)

$350,000-$499,999: 5 (6)

$500,000-$749,999: 7 (7)

$750,000-$999,999: 10 10)

$1,000,000- $1,499,999: 1 (1)

$1,500,000- $2,999,999: 1 (1)
Average Price of homes for sale: $725,140 ($721,867)

Median Price of homes for sale: $749,475 ($749,475)

Average Days on Market: 98 (96)

Highest Priced Listing: $1,795,000 ($1,795,000)

Lowest Priced Listing: $269,950 ($274,950)


4 Active town homes listed

One of the new listings for sale this week was listed last year and has come back on the real estate market at a price $10,000 higher than last year’s asking price.

Closed Kirkland Highlands home sale of the week:

None this week.

The price reductions ranged from the least expensive home for sale to a mid-priced home and to a home that is a short sale. Activity  has picked up in general on Seattle’s Eastside.  I expect to see some of that activity spill over into sales in Kirkland’s Highlands.

The real estate statistics for Seattle’s Eastside, including Kirkland, will be published shortly.  I’ll be presenting the data in a different, easier to read graph format.  Have a nice holiday weekend.

Flowers, Shorts, and Boats in Kirkland-Is Spring Here?

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This is what I love about the Seattle area and Kirkland.  The minute it’s warm and sunny, we don’t waste a second!


Crazy Weather in Kirkland, Washington

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Tuesday, March 9th-  I had an appointment with homeowners in the Juanita area of Kirkland.  About 2:00 PM the snow was coming down so  I left the appointment early because I live at the bottom of a steep hill in The Kirkland Highlands. I was worried about slipping and sliding to the bottom as that has happened before. My east coast friends always laugh at me, because they can’t believe snow is such a big deal here, but it is. For those of you who don’t live here, snow is not a common thing in Seattle winters, so there are few snow plows and they never plow my steep hill.  This year, has been the coldest, snowiest winter I can remember since coming here in 1986.

kirkland-snowy-front-yard 3-9-09

March 10th- a totally different spring (?) day.  The weather allowed me to multi-task.  I took my dog for a walk around  Kirkland Highlands and snapped a lot of photos.  This one is my favorite and made me feel like spring is just around the corner.

duck in Kirkland Highlands 3-10-09

I think local bloggers, including James Lupori from Kenmore Undressed and  Ardell from Rain City Guide,were all on the same weather “channel” this week.

Weekly Real Estate Buzz in The Kirkland Highlands Through January 8, 2009

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Happy New Year! This year when reporting my weekly real estate statistics for the Kirkland Highlands,  I’ll add some commentary from economic gurus and real estate pundits.  It may help you to understand and further evaluate the real estate market.  As a real estate professional, I have to keep on my toes and listen and learn from the experts out there.  I expect the real estate market to continue to be challenging in 2009.  Stay tuned, it’s going to be a wild ride and I’ll keep you informed as we go along for the ride.  But as everything in life, this too, shall pass.

Since most people were occupied with the holidays and the snow, I took a break from the weekly real estate statistics, but will now be back with with a few possible breaks in the year.  The total listings are the number of homes for sale in The Kirkland Highlands as of today,while any other activity, such as canceled, expired or price reduced listings are from the last three weeks.

Active Listings: 23 (27)

New listings:    0 (0)

Re-listed properties:   2 (0)

Pending inspection:   0 (1)

Pending:   0 (0)

Closed Sales:    0 (0)

Contingent sale: 0 (0)

Number of Price Reductions: 1 (1)

Canceled listings  2 (0)

Expired Listings: 2 (0)

Temporarily Off Market:  0 (0)

Price increase:  0(0)

Back on market:  0 (0)

Rented: 0 (0)

Sale Fail: 0 (0)


0-$349,999:  1  (1)

$350,000-$499,999: 5 (5)

$500,000-$749,999: 6 (9)

$750,000-$999,999:  10 (10)

$1,000,000- $1,499,999:  1 (1)

$1,500,000- $2,999,999:   0 (1)
Average Price: $710,807 ($733,944)

Median Price:   $725,000 ($699,000)

Average Days on Market: 154 (139)

Highest Priced Listing: $1,195,000 ($1,599,000)

Lowest Priced Listing: $324,950 ($324,950)


1 Active town home listed

The Kirkland Highlands starts the year off at a low number of listings for the neighborhood.  Four listings were canceled or expired over the last few weeks, dropping the total number of homes for sale. With 23 listings now on the market, the number matches the two weeks with the  lowest number of listings during 2008.   Both weeks were in February of last year. The most number of homes for sale in any given week happened twice last year, when 31 homes were for sale in the Kirkland Highlands on July 17th and November 20th.

I focus on inventory because inventory, with supply and demand, is an important piece for homes to sell.  Less inventory, that is also well priced, will only help to sell homes in our current real estate market.  Please only consider selling your home if you’ll price it competitively and have it looking fabulous.  There are sales happening and it’s the homes that meet this criteria that get buyers.

Here’s a few comments from some economic forecasters:

Matthew Gardner, local economist,  of Matthew Gardner LLC gave his opinion of what to expect with this year’s market on the Master Builder’s website.

“At our office we have been focused for some months now specifically on inventory levels. While prices do provide some measure of market performance, even more important is the relationship between supply and demand and trends in such numbers. With expectations of seasonally increasing sales activity, we continue to emphasize that supply will dictate and shape the spring selling season and, for the most part, the rest of the year.”

From Inman News Real Estate Connect in NYC, Barry Ritholtz, Director of Equity Research of Fusion IQ said:

“he looks at three indicators that would signal a turnaround: median home price-to-income ratios, inventory, and the cost of renting versus owning.”

Have a great year and I’ll keep you posted on the Kirkland Highlands real estate activity.

Kirkland Dining-Have You Tried Cafe Harlequin?

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One of the reasons I love living in Kirkland is the fact that I can walk (sometimes) or drive (most of the time)  to downtown in just a few minutes and I’ll find a nice restaurant.

Have you been to one of the newest restaurants 107 Lake S. in downtown Kirkland?  Cafe Harlequin has been open for a few months.  I haven’t had a chance to test it out yet, but here’s The Seattle Weekly’s take on Cafe Harlequin.

I love the convenience and the number of choices we have in Kirkland, from Japanese to Thai to Italian to Mexican to seafood and more. It’s important for me to support these local restaurants and services.  Having unique restaurants helps us to stay interesting as a city and keeps people excited about living in Kirkland.

Did You Take Kirkland’s Polar Bear Plunge?

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Polar BearSo were you brave enough to jump in to the cold waters of Lake Washington in Kirkland yesterday for Kirkland’s Polar Bear Plunge?  Or were you like me?  Not all that brave (or crazy).  Congratulations to those who took the plunge.  Check out a video of the plunge from Kirkland Views Rick Takagi has a slide show with about 100 photos and the Kirkland weblog reported on the event.

Thankfully we don’t live in Madison, Wisconsin.  My husband told me in Madison, they cut holes in the ice for people to jump into the lake for their polar bear plunge. Here’s a link to one of Madison’s polar bear plunges.

Congratulations to all who take the plunge all over the country.  It’s pretty darn cold, no matter where you are.

Happy New Year and stay warm.