Debra Sinick

Kirkland Real Estate Is Booming!

In buyers, Kirkland WA, Kirkland, WA Real Estate, market statistics, Real estate, sellers on November 7, 2012 at 6:24 pm
Kirkland Home Sales

Kirkland Real Estate Sales Through October 2012

Kirkland Real Estate is looking really good!  Real estate statistics are trending in the right direction.  In October, fewer homes were on the market and more homes sold.  There were 85 home sales, the most for any month this year.  This is phenomenal!  In fact, 62% of the homes for sale, sold in October.  This is the highest monthly percentage in 2012, far surpassing any month.

With the high sales numbers and the low inventory, it’s the best time to sell a Seattle eastside home in the last 15 years!  This October had the highest pending sales with 1,202 homes selling.  Typically, 867 homes sell in October, which means this October’s sales were 39% higher than the 15 year average.

With 1821 homes for sale, we had the lowest number of Seattle eastside listings in last 15 years and 45% less than last October!

This same positive real estate theme carries over into Kirkland real estate.  There were higher sales than usual and fewer homes were for sale. Buyers were out there, demanding good, well priced homes.

Make no mistake, just because the market is strong, buyers will not overpay for a house.  It’s just not happening.  Buyers will wait for a new listing to come on the market rather than pursue an overpriced home.  The homes that show well, are move-in ready, and priced right are the homes that sell.

Thirty-eight percent of the homes for sale in Kirkland did not sell.  More than likely, these homes were not priced right or did not show well.  These 38% of the sellers need to do some soul searching and take a hard look at the market statistics.  If a home is sitting on the market and not selling, reprice it for the market or expect to see a “for sale” sign in your yard, but not a “sold” sign.

With the low inventory, think about selling your home during the holidays, rather than waiting until after the first of the year.  The real estate market, with these fabulous numbers, will be on your side.


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