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How Was Kirkland, WA Real Estate in January, 2012?

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Home Sales in Kirkland, WA

Kirkland Real Estate Sales Through January, 2012

There were only 155 homes for sale in Kirkland in January.  It’s easy to see from the chart that this number means there aren’t a lot of homes for sale in Kirkland right now.  The lack of supply should enhance the prospects for those sellers whose homes are priced right and show well.  The good homes should sell more quickly this year.

In January, 26.5% of the supply of homes sold, which is similar to the high percentage of sales in the April and May of last year.  Not as many homes actually sold in January, but not as many homes were on the market either. 

Median pricing in Kirkland went from $534,000 to $522,000.  Median pricing is based on the sales that happened in January and is a result of what sold that particular month.   On average, it took only 62 days for the homes to sell last month and most homes sold within   % of the original asking price.

We’re excited to see how this real estate market will turn out this year.  It should be the best Kirkland real estate market in 5 years, but don’t expect prices to go up by much, if anything.

If you would like information about your home, please contact Brooks or me and we’re happy to help you.


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