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How Was The Kirkland Real Estate Market in October 2011?

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Number of home sales in Kirkland, WA

Kirkland Real Estate Sales Through October, 2011

Real estate sales in Kirkland have been been fairly steady over the last few months, despite what the media said about October’s sales.  Tne news media focused on the drop in real estate values for all of King County.  Median pricing in Kirkland followed King County,  dropping considerably this month, from $592,000 to $501,000.  But remember, these numbers are based on the sales that happened during October and is a function of what sold that particular month.  We’ll need to follow the next several months to see if there truly is a trend here.

There is some good news here to temper concerns about pricing:

1.    The eastside is in a better position, literally and figuratively, than many parts of King County.  It has a stronger economic base and a better location:

What you see emerging in our local market is an East/West corridor,” (Stan) Humphries (of Zillow) said, with houses holding their value in Eastside neighborhoods with good access to State Route 520 and Interstate 90 for an easy commute to work.

2.    Home prices are also becoming far more affordable.  Right now home values are the most affordable they’ve been in 17 years.   Home ownership may be cheaper than renting!

3.   This past month there was a big drop in the number of homes for sale. This drop is a very good thing as it decreases the competition among home sellers.

Slightly over 25% of the available homes sold last month.  A year ago, there were over 100 more homes on the market in Kirkland. If the number of homes on the market continues to drop, then a higher percentage of homes may sell next month.  Homes took on average 99 days to sell, just slightly over 3 months.

With fewer homes on the market, more affordable prices, and low interest rates, I expect homes will continue to sell even as we head into the holiday season Have a great Thanksgiving!


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