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How Strong Was the Kirkland, WA Real Estate Market in September, 2011?

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House Sales Data for Kirkland WA

Kirkland, WA Real Estate Sales Through September, 2011

The number of homes for sale in Kirkland continues to be fairly constant, although the number dropped a bit this past month.  I expect to see this number drop even more as we head to the end of the year.  (Hard to believe, but we are almost there!)

In September, 21% or 57 homes in Kirkland sold.

Homes on average were on the market for 87 days.

As we’ve seen most months, there were several home sales that did not stay together.   When I first reported the August home sales,  62 homes had sold.  Eight home sales failed, leaving 54 home sales intact in August.  This means 13% of the offers did not go through.   Sales can fall apart over the inspection, financing or simply because a buyer has cold feet.

Kirkland is one of the faster places for selling a home on the eastside. This is a testament to the city’s prime location close to jobs here in Kirkland with Google in the Houghton neighborhood of Kirkland.  Microsoft, is just down the road in Redmond, which is an easy commute for many people coming from Kirkland.

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Closeup of a stone sign bearing the Microsoft ...

Image via Wikipedia

The variety of housing stock and price ranges bring a huge mix of people to Kirkland. Plus, the ambiance of the city, with its access to Lake Washington, is a big draw for many people.

View from Carillon Point, Kirkland, Washington.

Image via Wikipediapeople.

How are real estate sales in your neighborhood?  Are they stronger than last year?


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