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How Strong Were July, 2011 Real Estate Sales in Kirkland?

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Real Estate Sales in Kirkland, WA

Kirkland Real Estate Sales Through July, 2011

Since March, the number of homes for sale in Kirkland hasn’t changed much, varying between 276-289 homes for sale. Sales numbers, however, have bounced around a bit with April looking like it’s the high for Kirkland real estate sales so far this year.  In July, 67 homes sold, which meant 23% or almost 1 in 4 homes got offers.

When I first reported June home sales, there were 57 homes that had sold.  Seven of these home sales failed, which means 13% of the offers did not go through.  This is not all that unusual on the eastside and in many areas these days.  In some areas of King County the failure rate for sales is much higher.   Sales can fall apart over the inspection, financing or simply because a buyer has cold feet.

On the flip side, interest rates are just fabulous, which should help spur some people to buy.

Conventional FNMA
30 yr fixed: 3.95%
15 yr fixed: 3.25%
10 yr fixed: 3.0%
5 yr ARM: 2.875%

Real estate is very location specific, so take the national news with a grain of salt.  Look more at local reports, and even city specific reports, such as this to find out what’s really happening with real estate.

How are real estate sales in your neighborhood?


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