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Kirkland Highlands Real Estate News, 7-25-11

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I wish I could say the reason I’ve not written a blog post recently about the bi-weekly real estate happenings in the Kirkland Highlands is that it’s been gorgeous weather and I’ve been having fun in the sun, but really it’s because I’ve been having fun selling homes this past month.  That’s good fun, too, but I must say I do miss the summer we usually have in the Seattle area.

The pace of the real estate market in Kirkland and Redmond has felt almost like it used to be, in 2007.  There are a lot of buyers out looking at homes.  Homes are selling well.  The pending sales in the Highlands all sold in under 2 months time, with one home selling in under a week.  The pending homes range in price from just under $400,000 to just under $1,000,000, reflecting the broad price range of Kirkland Highlands’ homes.

I’ve recently sold a couple of homes with multiple offers!  The level of activity in the real estate market feels good.

The real estate statistics below reflect the activity in The Kirkland Highlands for the past two weeks. All data is taken from the NWMLS through Monday of this week.

The map shows most of the outline of Kirkland’s Highlands neighborhood. The map address is simply for a street corner in the middle of the Kirkland Highlands. For those not familiar with the neighborhood, it’s a pocket of unique homes close to downtown Kirkland. In some ways it feels like an island, because it’s separated on the east by 405, the south by Central Way (the main route to downtown) and the west and north by the BNSF corridor. The neighborhood has the best of both worlds, a little isolation without any through traffic, but just seconds from everything.

Numbers in parentheses are from the last report:

Active Listings: 17 (19)

New listings: 2 (2)

Pending inspection: 4 (2)

Pending: 4 (1)

Closed Sales:  2 (0)

Number of Price Reductions: 3  (2)

Price increase: 0 (0)

Homes off the market that did not sell: 2 (3)


0-$349,999: 0 (1)

$350,000-$499,999: 11 (8)

$500,000-$749,999:  5  (7)

$750,000-$999,999: 1 (2)

$1,000,000- $1,499,999: 0 (1)

$1,500,000- $2,999,999: 0 (0)

Most expensive home for sale: $795,000

Most affordable home for sale: $364,950


Closed Sales: 

$377,000:  Final sales price $380,000: Last asking price $394,000: Original asking price.  Sold in 52 days for 5% below full price.

$460,000:  Final sales price $465,000: Last asking price $465,000: Original asking price.  Sold in 24 days for 1% below the original sales price.   **My listing**


2  town homes for sale

***The Multiple Listing rules don’t allow comment on other members’ listings and sales besides data such as pricing and days on market.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about how to position your home so you can get the best price when selling.


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