Debra Sinick

Connect Kirkland on a First Ever Opportunity to Walk the BNSF Corridor

In Kirkland WA, rails to trails on May 9, 2011 at 7:17 am
Kirkland's BNSF corridor

BNSF Corridor Through KIrkland Is a Great Place for a Trail

Eastside Trail Advocates is pleased to be partnering with Cascade Orienteering Club for this exciting event!   This is a great opportunity to truly see the benefits of connecting Kirkland by converting the BNSF corridor to a safe, paved, pedestrian friendly trail, for walking, biking and commuting (people power of course!).  Bring your family, friends and neighbors for this fun event.

WHAT: Connect Kirkland, a run/walk event to help Kirkland residents connect with each other, our past, and the neighborhood attractions around us within walking distance from a possible future community trail.

WHEN: Sunday, May 22, from 11:00 AM-2:00PM (Registration starts at 10:00)

WHERE: The Start is where 108th Avenue NE crosses the railroad tracks by the South Kirkland Park & Ride. There will be signs from the Park & Ride.

WHY: This is the first time that the old BNSF corridor has been formally opened to the public for exploration and enjoyment. Kirkland is a town bisected again and again by I-405, numerous four-lane thoroughfares, and an abandoned railway line. To get anyplace, you pretty much need to hop into a car.

And yet, connecting most of the Kirkland neighborhoods is an unused, public-owned right-of-way that goes right past at least four schools, half a dozen parks, and two shopping centers. We have a Kirkland Active Transportation plan that emphasizes the value of pedestrian-friendly communities. And if this right-of-way were developed into a trail, it would form the backbone of a safe, eastside trail network for recreational and commuting bike use.

WHAT TO EXPECT: It’s like a scavenger hunt in South Kirkland. At registration (bring $4 and a pen), you’ll get a detailed map of the southern part of the corridor, with numerous locations marked that you can visit to answer questions. Along the way, you’ll discover Kirkland art, some of our history, some parks, and maybe even some neighbors who also like to get outdoors.

Registration starts at 10:00, on the corridor next to South Kirkland Park & Ride, and there’s a mass start at 11:00. In between, there will be tables from local organizations involved in outdoor activities, and a chance to meet some of your Kirkland neighbors. When you’re out exploring, you are welcome to visit as many of the checkpoints as you wish, speeding through the course competitively or taking time to enjoy parks and shops along the way. The finish line shuts down at 2:00 PM, but it’s your event, and your day walking through southern Kirkland.  Picture a connected Kirkland.

For more information on Connecting Kirkland on the BNSF corridor, check out our Facebook page.


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