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It’s Recycling Time in Kirkland WA

In recycling on January 5, 2011 at 4:06 pm

Got stuff to recycle? It’s a great way to start the New Year.  Here are some opportunities to get “rid” of stuff responsibly.

First, those now unwanted Christmas trees.  There are two opportunities for Kirkland Highlands home owners to recycle their trees:

Boy Scout Troop 572 is picking up trees and old lights north of the middle NE 100th Street:

Curbside pickup:
Saturday only Jan 8th, between 9 am and 2pm.
Make your checks out to “BSA Troop 572”

Rose Hill Presbyterian Church
12202 NE 90th Street, Kirkland 98033 (about a block from Costco)

The trees will be chopped up into mulch for use by the Kirkland Parks Department.

Troop 572 is also recycling Old Christmas Lights, please remove them from your tree.

If you’re not comfortable with leaving your check or cash on your tree or lights, you can mail your donation to:

Boy Scout Troop 572
Rose Hill Presbyterian Church
12202 NE 90th Street, Kirkland 9803

BOY SCOUT TROOP 570 is picking up trees south of the middle of NE 100th St.

Curbside pickup:
Saturday, Jan. 8th – 8am to 4pm
Sunday, Jan. 9th – 8am to 4pm

McAuliffe Park,
10824 NE 116th St., Kirkland
during the hours above

– Suggested donation $15 – Thank you!
– Cash or check payable to “BSA Troop 570”
– Please put your check in an envelope or, if raining, inside a
plastic bag
– Attach the envelope to the tree, OR mail a check to


10021 NE 124th, Kirkland, 98034
– Place your tree at curbside
– Please remove all decorations, tinsel, nails, etc. that could clog
the chipper
– Sorry, we can’t pick up flocked trees

AG Tree Service will mulch all the trees for use by the Kirkland Parks

All donations are tax deductible


After you’ve taken care of your Christmas tree, it’s time to think about getting rid of some other old “stuff” hanging around your house and garage.  Come down to my Windermere office on Sunday, the 9th, to recycle old electronics, appliances, and other things that are hard to responsibly dispose.

Recycling electronics in Kirkland

Free Recycling in Kirkland, WA

Recycling is a “feel” good way to start the year off right.  You’re getting rid of things as responsibly as possible and you’re freeing yourself of that unwanted stuff.   Happy recycling.

Please let me know of any upcoming recycling events and I’m happy to post them on this blog.  Let’s help each other to help the planet this year.


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