Debra Sinick

Hot Kirkland, WA Real Estate Prices of the Week, 10-20-10

In buyers, Kirkland WA, Kirkland, WA Real Estate, market statistics, Real estate, sellers on October 22, 2010 at 8:23 am

This week’s hot price for Kirkland, Washington home sales:

$400-499,999   6 sales

It was a good week for home sales in Kirkland.  Sales numbers are still really fluctuating a lot over the past few weeks.  This past week sales were up by 12, the week before they were down by 15 homes and the previous week they were up by 12 sales! It’s a home sales roller coaster out there in Kirkland!

  • The price range with the most Kirkland homes for sale: $400-499,999   58 homes.  Two more for sale than the previous week.
  • There were a total of 376 (down 4 from last week) homes for sale in Kirkland and 20 (up 12) homes sold.
  • Week with the most number of homes for sale in the last 7 weeks:   393 homes for sale,  9-15-10
  • Week with the highest number of homes sold in Kirkland in the last 7 weeks:  10-6-10, with 23 sales.

Homes sold in all price ranges below $2,499,999, with the exception of $1.5-1,999,999.

  • Peak  of homes and condos for sale in King County in 2009?
  • July 27th marked a high of 13,861 homes and condos for sale in King County.
  • 1-4-10 9726
  • 10-18-10  13,725


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