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What Were The Odds of Selling Your Kirkland, WA Home in July, 2010?

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Real Estate Sales Activity in Kirkland, WA for July, 2010

Kirkland, WA Real Estate Sales for July 2010

July, 2010            376 homes for sale           58 homes sold                       15 % odds of selling

June, 2010           356 homes for sale,         46(was 45)  homes sold       13% odds of selling.

May, 2010            374 homes for sale,         52 (was 56) homes sold        14% ( was 15)% odds of selling a home.*

July, 2009           458 homes for sale           53  homes sold                  12 % odds of selling a home.

*(Reflects the revised percentage of homes sold because some home sales failed.)

The odds of selling is another way to characterize the “absorption rate” in which we take the number of homes sold in a particular month and divide it by the number of homes on the market. This number tells us what the odds are that a home will sell.

If you click on this link, you’ll see the MLS charts which show the real estate trends, including median price, for the past five years in Kirkland.

Where’s Kirkland WA?

The median price in Kirkland decreased from $599,000 to $549,900. In June, Kirkland’s median price increased from $596,925 to $624,950.   Remember the median price for each month only reflects the home sales for that particular month.  It’s important to track pricing over several months to get an accurate reading.

The number of Kirkland homes  sold in June increased by 3% compared to July, 2009.  However, the number of homes for sale is a lot less than last year, with 16.5% less Kirkland homes for sale.

Home sales are on par with the last few months and with last year at this time.  Sales are much slower than March and April of this year. The historically low interest rates, which should be boosting home sales, is a reflection of the weaker economy.


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