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Latest Real Estate Buzz in Kirkland WA’s Highlands, 6-21-10

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Kirkland WA’s Highlands real estate was pretty active over the last couple of weeks.  Five homes came up for sale, two home owners received and accepted offers, one home went beyond the inspection, and one home sale closed.

Nine homes were taken off the market, which is a lot. Because so many homes came off the market last week, the number of homes for sale dropped by 5 homes. There were several in different price ranges, but some new construction  homes were included in this list.  Usually new construction homes that are taken off the market are re-listed since they need to be sold.   I expect the number of homes for sale in The Kirkland Highlands to go back up as soon as the new construction homes go back on the market.

The real estate statistics below reflect the activity in The Kirkland Highlands for the past two weeks. All data is taken from the NWMLS through Monday of this week.

The map shows most of the outline of Kirkland’s Highlands neighborhood. The map address is simply for a street corner in the middle of the Kirkland Highlands. For those not familiar with the neighborhood, it’s a pocket of unique homes close to downtown Kirkland. In some ways it feels like an island, because it’s separated on the east by 405, the south by Central Way (the main route to downtown) and the west and north by the BNSF corridor. The neighborhood has the best of both worlds, a little isolation without any through traffic, but just seconds from everything.

Numbers in parentheses are from the last report:

Active Listings: 22 (27)

New listings: 5 (1)

Pending inspection: 4 (0)

Pending: 1 (0)

Closed Sales: 1 (2)

Number of Price Reductions: 2  (4)

Price increase: 0(0)

Homes off the market that did not sell: 9 (1)


0-$349,999: 0 (0)

$350,000-$499,999: 12 (12)

$500,000-$749,999:  8 (7)

$750,000-$999,999: 1 (6)

$1,000,000- $1,499,999: 1 (2)

$1,500,000- $2,999,999: 0 (0)
Average Price of homes for sale: N/A with new MLS system*

Median Price of homes for sale: N/A wiht new MLS system

Average Days on Market:  N/A

Highest Priced Listing: $1,375,000 ($1,295,000)

Lowest Priced Listing: $365,000 ($380,000)


Closed Sales:

Sales price: $480,000 Last asking price: $499,950 Original asking price: $739,950, sold in days for 36% below the original asking price.  (Bank owned property)


5 town homes for sale

1 town home is sold pending the inspection

1 town home reduced its price by $30,000.

Peak in the number of King County homes and condos for sale in 2009:

7-27-09  13,861

Start of 2010:



6-22-10  14,020   The peak of King County Homes for sale so far for 2010 is now! We’ve crossed the line and have 14,000+ homes and condos on the market right now in King County.  We’ve gone beyond last year’s numbers.

* The statistics portion of the new NWMLS (Northwest Multiple Listing Service) is currently not working.  Our new system is having the kinks worked out.  Stay tuned!


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