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What Were The Odds of Selling Your Kirkland WA Home in May, 2010?

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Real Estate Sales in Kirkland, WA May 2010

Kirkland WA Home Sales, May 2010

May, 2010            374 homes for sale,          56 homes sold                      15% odds of selling a home.

April, 2010           362 homes for sale,         73(was 80) homes sold           now 20% (was 22%)odds of selling a home.*

May, 2009           474 homes for sale             50  homes sold                  10 % odds of selling a home.

*(Reflects the revised percentage of homes sold because some home sales failed.)

The odds of selling is another way to characterize the “absorption rate” in which we take the number of homes sold in a particular month and divide it by the number of homes on the market. This number tells us what the odds are that a home will sell.

If you click on this link, you’ll see the MLS charts which show the real estate trends, including median price, for the past five years in Kirkland.

Where’s Kirkland WA?

The odds of selling a home in Kirkland in May were 15%, less than April’s chances, but more than May, 2009.  There was less of a drop in Kirkland home sales from this April to May than there was in many of the other Seattle-eastside areas.

Median price decreased by a hair from $599,950 to $599,000.  An approximate $1000 decrease is really not a big deal at all compared to the typical changes we see in Kirkland real estate prices.

The number of homes for sale declined by 25% and sales were up by just 3.4% from May of 2009.  I’ve been encouraged to see a couple of high end sales recently in the Kirkland Highlands.  I’ll report on those sales in my next weekly update.

For the complete picture of Seattle-eastside real estate, check out the May blog post on eastside real estate buzz.

What’s happening with real estate where you live?


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