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Kirkland WA’s (MYN) Mapping Your Neighborhood Meeting Was A Success

In Kirkland WA, Safety and Disaster Preparedness on May 28, 2010 at 8:56 am

Did you feel the earthquake the other day? It was centered in Carnation, but was felt in a lot of places on Seattle’s eastside.  The Kirkland neighbors who crowded into Peter Kirk Elementary’s gym last Sunday night may be better prepared for a more massive earthquake, if it ever happens.  About 150 Kirkland neighbors from West of Market, East of Market (NorKirk) and the Highlands neighborhood

Attending Kirkland WA's Mapping Your Neighborhood Event

Picking Up Materials at Kirkland WA's MYN Meeting

came to the school to hear about MYN, Mapping Your Neighborhood, the program in which neighbors help neighbors in times of a disaster.

Kirkland's Mapping Your Neighborhood Meeting

Liv Grohn Leading The "Mapping Your Neighborhood" Meeting

From Liv Grohn, the event coordinator:

the event head count was somewhere over 160

24 households ‘mapped’ West of Market

43 households ‘mapped’ in Norkirk neighborhood-estimated

29 households ‘mapped’ in Highlands-estimated

TOTAL ‘mapped’ homes = minimum 76 homes – maximum 96 homes

TOTAL of minimum 45 – maximum 58 MYN neighborhoods represented out of the 225

More than a dozen people attended from outside the community (some even acted as room leaders for the event).  A local FEMA rep was in attendance and very pleased with the program–he wants to be involved in future events.

If you didn’t make the meeting, check with your neighbors, it’s never too late to get organized and be prepared.

Do You Need Emergency Supplies?

As a reminder, here’s a list of supplies needed for an emergency.


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