Debra Sinick

Good-Bye to Downtown Kirkland WA’s Tria Moda

In Kirkland WA on April 22, 2010 at 9:48 pm
Kirkland WA's Tria Moda Store

Tria Moda on Park Lane in Kirkland, Washington

Downtown Kirkland keeps changing.  Like many small downtown neighborhoods, it has seen stores come and go.   One of my favorites, Tria Moda, is closing on Park Lane and heading back to its Edmonds store.  I hate to see them go as the store has been a good representation of a small, locally owned shop which carried unique and wonderful things.  I hate to see unique shops close, plus they had great clothes to buy!

It’s tough to be an independent, interesting store in any town these days.  I don’t want to see everything become too cookie cutter with the same offerings you find any and everywhere else.  Kirkland hasn’t gotten to that point and let’s hope it never does.  It’s so important for Kirkland to maintain its identity as a unique town on Seattle’s eastside.  I’m betting most of us moved to Kirkland for that very reason.

Since I’m writing about downtown Kirkland, I want to mention artists will occupy vacant store fronts for 10 days, starting at the end of this month.  It’s a great idea that will bring life to downtown.  Support these artists and stop downtown during the first ten days of May.


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