Debra Sinick

Looking Forward To Kirkland’s Metropolitan Market

In Kirkland News, Kirkland WA on March 23, 2010 at 5:17 am

I know Kirkland’s Metropolitan Market will be in Houghton, not in the Kirkland Highlands, but I think they’ll let those of us who live in the Highlands shop at the market, so I have to tell you how impressed I was with Queen Anne’s Metropolitan Market.

I was in Seattle on Friday for Seattle’s Real Estate Bar Camp, a learning, not a bar tending class, and grabbed lunch over at the market.  They had the best cheese, deli, and take out sections I’ve ever seen. Food, glorious food.   I’m very experienced in take out food, so I know good when I see it. Great choices in hot food, cold food, soups, sandwiches, you name it.   The market is a great addition to Kirkland.

Seattle's Metropolitan Market

Cheese Counter at Seattle's Metropolitan Market

Seattle's Metropolitan Market

Coffee Bar at Seattle's Metropolitan Market

  1. Metropolitan Market is the best thing that has happened to Kirkland …ever! I actually cross the bridge to shop at their small Sandpoint store, sometimes West Seattle. I think of Met Market as the Nordstrom of grocery stores. Fabulous displays, freshest of fresh, best prepared foods I’ve ever seen and the most skilled, friendlist employees you’ll find. Years ago I called them suggesting (begging for) Kirkland, so I unabashedly take full credit!

  2. Ok, we’ll give credit! Thanks.
    I used to think nothing was as good as Larry’s Market, but they went downhill towards the end. This will be a great addition to Kirkland. Cannot wait.

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