Debra Sinick

The Kirkland Houghton Ducks Were Out This Morning

In Exploring Kirkland, Kirkland WA on March 4, 2010 at 10:25 pm

There he was, the “resident” duck of the PCC shopping center (Puget Sound Consumer Co-op) in Kirkland’s Houghton neighborhood this morning.   Apparently, Mr. Duck, who is a partner to Ms. Duck, is a local institution.  He was completely comfortable standing by me while I took a picture.  It’s clear he expects food.  He has no fear of people.

Kirkland's Houghton Shopping Center's Duck

I first saw him without his partner.  Apparently, she was on the other side of NE 68th St at Bank of America.  Perhaps she was looking for some spare cash?

Soon she was safely across the street.

I’m sure they were discussing how disappointed they were that I wasn’t a good prospect for food.


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