Debra Sinick

Attention Kirkland Walkers-“Take It to Make It”

In Kirkland WA, Safety and Disaster Preparedness on January 29, 2010 at 4:18 pm

Sadly, two young girls were hit by a car in Kirkland up on 100th Ave NE this past week. It is unfortunate to hear such news and I wish the two girls a speeding recovery from their injuries.

It seems as if there are more pedestrian/car accidents in the darkness of winter, which makes it even more important for walkers to remember to use the “Take it To Make It” yellow crossing flags where they are available.

Kirkland Walking signs

Kirkland-pedestrian safety signs

They can be found all over downtown Kirkland.  There are also many other intersections around the city where flags are available.  I don’t know if anyone has done a survey, but whenever I’ve been walking around downtown, I’d say probably 50% of the pedestrians use them when crossing the street.

The program’s success and pedestrian safety depends on people using the flags.  They really don’t work well if they are left in the buckets.

Kirkland walking flags

Yellow Pedestrian safety flags

I’m curious.  Do you use the flags when crossing Kirkland streets?  Why or Why not?


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