Debra Sinick

Nature is Very Close To The Kirkland Highlands

In Kirkland WA on August 6, 2009 at 11:28 am
Kirkland Highlands Bridge Crossing The Ravine

Kirkland Highlands Bridge Crossing The Ravine

The other day, my husband took our dog our for his morning stroll up the hill only to meet a coyote.  This was a fairly persistent. probably hungry coyote, because he was still trolling around about an hour later.  I emailed The Kirkland Highlands Association president, Karen Story, and asked her to alert people to the fact that coyotes were out and about.  She sent an email with several messages attached to it regarding coyote sightings.  So why are we seeing and hearing about so many coyotes in our neighborhood?

There’s a lot of green space here.  With the railroad tracks and surrounding green areas, there’s lots of places for wild animals to live.  The new Cotton Hill Park is just east of Crestwoods Park, creating a huge open area between these two parks.

Kirkland Highlands Cotton Hill Park

Kirkland Highlands Cotton Hill Park

If you follow the railroad tracks south(see the map) then head east by NE 95th there’s a huge ravine.

Kirkland Highlands-Wetlands

Kirkland Highlands-Wetlands

Just south is a green space that has a nice watering hole, which is well hidden this time of year.

Kirkland Highlands wetlands

Kirkland Highlands wetlands

This is coyote heaven. We should respect the wild animals who live near and among us, but keep your pets indoors and safe.  There are hungry critters out there.

  1. My wife spotted one marching up our street in Martha’s Vineyard neighborhood on NE 104th St last night August 23rd. Beware.


  2. Maybe we should alert the Wild life athorities and have them moved to a better place for them.

    We have a small dog and my wife is now afraid to let him out.


  3. […] weeks that a coyote or coyotes are living amongst us in the greenbelt areas of the Highlands.    I live over by the west side of the Kirkland Highlands, where more of the greenbelt areas seem to b….  These greenbelt areas provide a safe haven for wild animals.  Raccoons have been here for a […]

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