Debra Sinick

Why The Kirkland Highlands Is a Great Place to Live

In Kirkland WA on July 15, 2009 at 2:36 pm

How do you convey the heart and soul of a neighborhood?  As a Realtor, it’s one of the most important questions I get asked, but often in an indirect way.  People will ask what it’s like to live in a particular neighborhood.  They’ll want to know if a neighborhood is a good one.  Of course, the usual questions arise regarding the values of the homes, builders, schools, but people also want to know the more subtle things.  What makes a neighborhood tick? Are people friendly?  Do people talk to each other (Yes, talk to each other).  Do they work together?  Are there any community events?  Do you have to be involved?

Sometimes it’s not easy to find out, but this is the information home buyers crave.  The real estate statistics and local demographics are easy to identify, but the soul of a neighborhood, its vibe, so to speak, is harder to define.  This is the true transparency about the neighborhood that home buyers want.  Buyers want to know what makes a neighborhood special, if anything.  What makes it stand out when compared to another neighborhood?

I write this blog for two reasons.  One is to report on the local real estate market in The Kirkland Highlands, so I’m often reporting the latest statistics.  But the other important reason I write this blog is to let people know what it’s like to live in Kirkland and, specifically, the Highlands.  I think they’re special places.   There’s a great synergy happening here.   I write about  events happening in town and much of what I see as I’m out and about in Kirkland and The Highlands.    Kirkland itself has tons of things happening, with farmer’s markets,  races, and events such as Kirkland UnCorked.

So here’s the usual spiel about the neighborhood:  The Kirkland Highlands is a group of about 800 homes just west of 405 and north of downtown.  It’s minutes from Parkplace and downtown Kirkland Parks, shops, restaurants, and the lake.  There are several great parks and the elementary and junior high schools are just blocks away.  Access to 405 is easy.

But what”s special about The Highlands?  What makes it tick? Check out this article written by Karen Story for The Kirkland Reporter. Karen’s article tells it like it is.  Many people volunteer from cleaning up Cedar View Park to helping with a Friday night Teen Feed.  It’s a neighborhood with a caring, giving vibe.  A neighborhood where things are happening, from the redevelopment of Cotton Hill Parks,

Cotton Hill Park clean up

Cotton Hill Park clean up

Kirkland-Cotton Hill Park

Kirkland-Cotton Hill Park

to a huge group garage sale, dressing up the neighborhood entry by planting new plants

Planting a new look at the Kirkland-Highlands entrance

Planting a new look at the Kirkland-Highlands entrance

and more.

Neighbors can be involved if they so choose.  There’s a strong sense of community here, which is lacking in so many places.  It’s this sense of community I enjoy and I know many are looking for in a place they call home.  Thanks also to Karen for being the glue that keeps all of this together and going.


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