Debra Sinick

Safety Alert: Suspicious Van Seen In Kirkland

In Kirkland News, Kirkland WA on April 16, 2009 at 1:23 pm

Kirkland should be on the lookout for a suspicious van which has been seen in the Kirkland Highlands recently.

Here’s a copy of the two emails I received from the Kirkland Highlands Association president, Karen Story:

“On Tuesday afternoon I was sitting at home hanging out with my friend and her son when we saw a man wearing a “health inspector” vest and a “safety inspection” hat walking through our back patio and towards our yard. He saw us and immediately turned around, and when I went outside to try to talk to him he was already going around the corner and ignored me. I went around to the front door and saw him pulling out of the driveway in a white truck with a canopy (I think) and a “health inspector” sticker and driving away. The back of our house is all windows and, having just read your mail, I had a feeling he might have been checking out our house or planning to break in but saw that we were home and went away.

I called the police and of course they can’t be sure what his intention was but said that it was certainly possible. If it had been a legitimate inspector he would have likely gone to the front door and introduced himself to explain what he was doing. I just thought I’d pass it along in case anyone else in the neighborhood sees this person

– they should call the police as well and see if we can get to the bottom of it.”

And the second email regarding the van/ safety situation in Kirkland:

More people have seen this person in the Highlands today, and the police are now patrolling the area. Please try to get the license number if you see the truck! The police case number is 3100. Call 911, as this is considered a crime in progress.

The health department says:

All Public Health Seattle King County’s health inspectors have photo IDs, that they should have on their person whenever out in the field.

They are required to identify themselves and show their ID – and they always go to the front door and knock first. The inspectors do drive white vehicles, some trucks with canopies, but they have a logo/ insignia on the doors clearly indicating Public Health Seattle King County. And other than investigating a solid waste complaint, there really isn’t any reason they’d be in the highlands, residential area (as we have no onsite septic systems.)

The health department has been notified.


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