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News From The Kirkland Alliance of Neighborhoods March Meeting

In Kirkland News, Kirkland WA on March 17, 2009 at 7:22 am

Kirkland Alliance of Neighborhoods is the organization which meets 6 times a year to share information from the city and from the different neighborhoods.  Cindy Bienz and  I are the Kirkland Alliance of Neighborhoods representatives for the Highlands. We attended  the latest meeting last week and found out some interesting things coming up in Kirkland.

Here’s a run down of what we learned at the Kirkland Alliance of Neighborhoods meeting:

Kirkland downtown parking has changed. Kirkland city lots will be free during the day.  Kirkland Views had a post which outlined all the parking changes to the city lots.

Did you know there are 3000 businesses in Kirkland? Kirkland First was the next topic.  Kirkland First?  The new buy local program newly named this week is a program that will roll out later this spring to support Kirkland businesses. Ellen Miller-Wolfe, who is the Economic Development Manager for Kirkland, introduced the program.   The program is designed to decrease our carbon footprint by shopping locally.  This will be a very important program for our city.  It’s slated to be a website for any and all Kirkland businesses. Don Short, from Bridle Trails Hardware, represented Kirkland merchants and spoke about his store’s commitment to Kirkland.

Tax revenues are down in Kirkland. January’s revenues were down 19% and February’s were down 22%.  Supporting Kirkland merchants will help us all to keep the city vibrant and healthy.

Latest Hopelink News: Shona Koester from Hopelink filled us in.

  • 33% more people are using Hopelink services.
  • 51,000 pounds of food were distributed in February. 23,000 pounds of food were distributed last February.
  • 50 new walk-ins used Hopelink last month.
  • financial assistance is up 55%, $6000 of financial assistance was given out in January.
  • Food drives are always welcome.  Food supplies are often low as summer comes, so think about helping Hopelink out during that time.  Volunteers anyone?

Library renovations are ahead of schedule.

Feet First: Kari Page, Neighborhood Services Coordinator, is designing a map for Kirkland highlighting;

  • walking trails
  • farms
  • historical sites
  • heritage trees
  • parks
  • park and ride spots
  • public art
  • schools
  • rest rooms
  • coffee shops
  • grocery stores

It sounds like an exciting and fun way to map Kirkland.  It will be a map of Kirkland up close and personal!

Fourth of July parade. Fourth of July!  Believe it or not, it’s not that far away.  The theme of the parade will be red, white, and blue, and green all over.  The Green Kirkland Partnership will be the grand marshalls for the event.

Rose Hill is having an area-wide garage sale on April 25th. If you are interested in having a garage sale that day, your sale can be put on the list.  Contact me and I’ll direct to the right people.  I also have free garage sale signs if you’d like to borrow them/

May 6th- first Wednesday market

May 10thKirkland 1/2 marathon

May 29th-first Friday market at Juanita Beach Park

(I think I got it all, if anyone knows of anything else I should add, please let me know)

Correction: Rob Butcher from Kirkland Views emailed me to tell me the garage sale above is going to be happening in NoKirk, not Rose Hill.  Thanks Rob for the correction.

Below is the information on whom to contact for the garage sale:

“Last year we had a flyer printed up with all the participants’ addresses and a map, and they paid a few dollars each to be included on it.  If people in other neighborhoods want to do their own garage sale that wknd and possibly have their address printed on it, or just have other questions, pls contact our wonderful volunteer coordinator Virginia Woods @”

The first person from the Highlands to contact me about borrowing my garage sale A-boards, gets them!


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