Debra Sinick

Volunteer Opportunities in Kirkland

In Kirkland WA on February 11, 2009 at 11:47 am

Looking for volunteer opportunities in Kirkland? There are some great things you can do for the city, for your neighbors, and for yourself.  Kirkland is looking for a few good people to join some of its boards.

What’s your passion? This is a chance to take a personal interest and use it for the greater good.  There are a variety of positions open from the Cultural Council to Parks Board to the Design Review Board.

It’s also a great opportunity to have your voice heard. I volunteered for the Kirkland Senior Council for the past few years and found it to be a great experience.  It was wonderful to work to improve the quality of life for Kirkland seniors.  Involvement in the Kirkland Senior Council led to involvement in other things happening in the community.  Issues such as the Parkplace redevelopment and the BNSF corridor came next on my radar. I learned about these issues and voiced my opinion on this blog and at meetings.  I became more aware of things happening in the Highlands, attending  the Kirkland Highlands meetings.   The silver lining for me was meeting some great people.

As a volunteer, you have a choice as to how involved in our Kirkland issues you choose to be.  But the opportunities are there.  With so many changes happening in the city of Kirkland, volunteering is a chance to be more upfront and personal with some of the city’s changes.  If you check the city website, you’ll find information about the commission and board vacancies and how to apply.


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