Debra Sinick

Environmentally Sustainable Kirkland

In Built Green, Kirkland News, Kirkland WA on January 28, 2009 at 10:59 am

What should environmental sustainability mean to Kirkland?

What is Kirkland doing about sustainability?

These were the questions asked at the start of the “Environmentally Sustainable Kirkland”  meeting last night by Mayor Jim Lauinger.  A group of interested citizens, mostly from Kirkland, met last night to talk about the direction Kirkland should take with sustainable and environmentally conscious living.  The people present had only one interest, sustainable living and protecting our environment for now and future generations.   Private citizens, Realtors, environmentalists, educators, retired public officials, and  city officials all participated.

President Obama’s message that we as individuals must join with our community and government to make changes was heard loud and clear by this group.   The group consensus was there’s a strong need to build community, educate, and develop individual/community partnerships  to promote sustainability.

Who can we in Kirkland turn to to help spread the word about sustainable living?   This was a question the group answered, creating a list of people and groups who could help:

  • Schools
  • Scout Troops
  • Business leaders
  • Employers
  • Media
  • Religious groups
  • Neighborhood associations
  • Builders
  • Realtors
  • PTA
  • Elected Officials-City Council-State Legislators
  • Non-profit groups
  • Hospitals

How can we use all the forces available at the federal, state, city, business, and individual level?

  • Regulate
  • Educate
  • Lead by example
  • Offer incentives
  • Develop a green business directory
  • Work parties (a very successful Kirkland endeavor already, particularly in the Highlands!)

Where is the city of Kirkland going with sustainability?

  • Easier and faster permit process for “green building”
  • urban forester program
  • 20 year forest restoration plan to remove invasive species
  • parkland acquisition program
  • recycling programs
  • encouraging “green” powered jobs
  • Kirkland city fleet- looking to hybrid vehicles, electric cars, and scooters

The question asked at the close of the meeting by one of the participants:

How do we balance the growth of Kirkland with sustainable measures?  A compelling question for everyone to answer.  What are your thoughts?

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