Debra Sinick

Where’s The Kirkland Highlands’ Weekly Real Estate Buzz?

In buyers, Kirkland, WA Real Estate, market statistics, Real estate, sellers, Weekly market update on October 27, 2008 at 10:50 am

Perhaps you noticed my weekly real estate stats for the Kirkland Highlands were not posted at the end of last week?  I tried, really I did, all the real estate data was pulled and ready to go.  Then my computer decided it wanted to have a breakdown and it tried to have me join it.   I fought with my computer for a few hours, I  contemplated stomping on it, throwing it out the window or across the room.  My husband then took over the battle, but to no avail that day.  Finally I gave up, surrrendered,  and decided to take Daniel Rothamel’s advice given at Inman News’ Blogger Connect this past summer in San Francisco.  He said: “Get out from behind your computer.”  Daniel is the community manager for the Inman News and also writes the RealEstateZebra blog and was speaking as part of a panel of experienced bloggers.  I took his advice, figured I was not going to win this battle and went out and enjoyed the day.

I like to report the statistics for each week’s real estate activity.  Given the title of the post, that’s what readers should expect, but we can get stopped in our tracks by technical difficulties and miss “real” life.  Sometimes we can get caught up in writing posts, reading articles on the internet and time, and a little bit of life, can get away from us.  So I took Daniel’s advice, some of the best I gathered at Inman this past summer, and got out from behind my computer.

Stay tuned and I’ll report two weeks worth of real estate statistics later this week.  Have a good week and get out from behind your computer!


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