Debra Sinick

Kudos to Kirkland Highlands’ Resident Rick Altig and His Company, Altig International

In Kirkland News, Kirkland WA on October 8, 2008 at 9:34 am

The Eastside Business Journal site spotlighted long-time Kirkland Highland’s resident, Rick Altig and Altig International for the company’s creative and innovative communication’s program. Four years ago, Rick developed Altig TV to spread the company’s ideals to its various offices.  Kudos to Rick and Altig International.

The Kirkland Highlands is a neighborhood filled with dynamic people.  Our location close to downtown Kirkland attracts a variety of people who love the suburban/urban lifestyle and the eclectic style of the Highlands neighborhood and homes. 

I’m interested in profiling people and homes in Kirkland’s Highlands.    Do you have an interesting story?  Do you have an interesting home?  Do you know a neighbor who fits this bill?

Tell me about yourself, your home or a neighbor who’s doing interesting things.   It’s a great way to bring another dimension to Kirkland’s Highlands.

  1. Thanks for the notice Debra. Rick is a great guy who has truly taken his company to a very high level and likes to be on the cutting edge. Their in-house tv channel actually saves them money and improves employee morale, communication and involvement.

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