Debra Sinick

Pedestrian and Bike Safety Is Big In Kirkland, Washington

In Kirkland News, Kirkland WA on September 24, 2008 at 1:15 pm

Take It or Make It Pedestrian Safety In Kirkland, WA

There have been signs and flags in Kirkland to remind pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers to be safe. New signs and lanes keep popping up in areas of high traffic.  The City of Kirkland, Washington is dedicated to a safe and fun walking program for people of all ages as evidenced by the commitment to great signage and new bike lanes.

Don’t forget to take a flag  to safely make it across the street when you cross at marked crosswalks.

Pedestrian Safety Flags in Kirkland Washington

Bike lanes have been newly created along some of Kirkland’s busy roads. New bike lanes magically appeared on 6th St South near the new Google facility and Kirkland Way.


Signs are posted to watch for seniors crossing the street just north of Juanita Village on 100th Ave NE.

Have fun out there and be safe!


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