Debra Sinick

Trail Envy-Wishing Kirkland, Washington Could Have a World Class Trail

In Kirkland News, Kirkland WA, rails to trails, Redmond, WA on July 6, 2008 at 7:57 pm

I have trail envy.  I’m envious of Redmond’s new and improved Sammamish River Trail.   My husband, my dog, my Dad, and I stepped  out on the Sammamish River Trail today and enjoyed a good hour strolling along the paved path.  It was exciting to see people biking, walking, and skating on by.  People of all ages were out in force and it wasn’t even sunny out! It was a relaxing chance to connect with nature. We saw ducks, herons, geese, and all kinds of two and four legged critters.

Imagine stepping our your door in Kirkland and hopping on a trail that runs through Kirkland.  Imagine having a chance to enjoy the park views and the views of the lake and mountains.  We have a world class trail possibility here in the city of Kirkland.  On Wednesday, you’ll have a chance to hear from The Port of Seattle Commissioners about their proposed plans for the BNSF tracks.  The Port will make the decision as to whether the tracks will be rail-banked and kept for future use as a train and used as a trail now or if the train tracks will become a commuter line.  Come listen, learn, and give your opinion, this may be your last chance.

The Port of Seattle is holding an open house this Wednesday at 7 PM in the Peter Kirk Room of Kirkland’s City Hall, 123 Fifth Avenue in downtown KIrkland.  Come on down and give your opinion to the Port commissioners.

I posted this article on Kirkland Views in which I gave my opinion about BNSF rail line.


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