Debra Sinick

Where’s Fonzie? Shades of "Happy Days", Dining in Your Car at a Kirkland/Bellevue Hotspot

In Bellevue, Dining in Kirkland, Exploring Kirkland on May 20, 2008 at 6:04 am
The Mercedes, Jags, and Porsches are all lined up at noon for lunch and a chance to experience a little bit of the past, youth, and burgers. The SUV’s and the vans are all here.
It’s all at Burgermaster, a 60’s icon on the  Kirkland/Bellevue line located at 10606 Northup Way. The drive-in dining experience has been happening in this spot for years. No roller skating waitstaff here, but dining in the car with a tray hooked to your car window!
The food is good, the crowds are here and it’s fun! Burgers are the stars, but you can also have a crab and cheese melt, satisfy your vegetarian needs with veggie burgers and the best onion rings in town.
  1. […] most importantly, Burgermaster, the ultimate, iconic  burger spot that early Microsofties […]

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