Debra Sinick

Celebrate the Fourth Of July All Around the Seattle/Eastside Area

In Uncategorized on July 2, 2007 at 6:48 pm

The Fourth Of July holiday heralds summer! The Fourth of July is often cool and rainy, what many people think happens here all year round. But the surprise, we usually have a gorgeous spring and a fabulous summer. It is our big Seattle secret.

Tradition dictates, however, that our true summer begins on the 5th of July. I know this to be true because I am beginning my 22nd year in Seattle this July 4th and I can count on one hand how many times it has warm and sunny. The Seattle Times reported in the newspaper today that the Fourth of July is usually the soggiest day of July.

This year promises to be one of those great Fourths with the weather predicted to be in the high 80’s to the 90’s. Of course, this happens only because the holiday falls on a Wednesday, the middle of the week, when most people are not taking off a few days for a long weekend! (The gods can be cruel sometimes!)

People certainly have their favorite places to see fireworks all over the Sound. Two big shows happen in the city.

Washington Mutual sponsors a day long funfest and fireworks show at Gasworks Park.

Join Ivar’s at Myrtle Edwards Park overlooking Elliot Bay for a 10 PM fireworks show.

Over on the Eastside, there are great events in Kirkland on the Fourth. There is a parade at noon, a picnic at 1 PM at Juanita Park, and a fireworks show at 10 PM over the lake.

(I may park myself by my empty boat slip down in the Kirkland marina to get a close look. I mentioned I was boatless in my previous post on my Kirkland Highlands blog)

Bellevue also has a day of fun with a full day of events.


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